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8 child prisoners on hunger strike 12:51 03.03.2012

NEWS CENTRE (DİHA) – Eight child prisoners jailed under the Anti-Terror Law (TMK) in the Mardin E Type Closed Prison declared today that they have gone on a three-day hunger strike in order to protest the sexual abuse incidents in the Pozantı Prison and the isolation of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Twenty-three prisoners from the PKK and PAJK (Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party) in the Mardin E Type Prison have been on an indefinite hunger strike without turns since February 15 to protest Öcalan’s isolation as well as the military and political operations. Today 450 PKK and PAJK prisoners announced that they will not accept visitors for a week as a sign of solidarity with the hunger strikers.

Groups outside prisons also show solidarity with the hunger strikers in prisons, whose number exceed 400 in total. The General Services Workers Union (Genel-İş) Van Branch announced a three-day hunger strike starting today in the union building where banners written “Let the operations and isolation end for an honorable peace, let the negotiations restart” were hung.


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